On Travelling and Affordability

I’ve spent my adulthood wandering slowly across borders and into cultures far away.  My travels are of an annual nature and most often I visit a place for three months and sometimes I stay for nine months or longer.  Many people tend to ask me this question; how do you afford it?

It’s an interesting question and there are a few aspects to it that I would like to address; universal abundance provides endless financial possibilities, and the richness of wisdom and experience creates financial wealth.

When I first started to travel, I was still a young university student.   I travelled during the long months of my summer holidays after working very hard for very little money through the year.  I didn’t know how life was going to turn out or how I would get a job upon return, but I’d scrape the last cents together and go travelling anyway.

The journey allowed me to enter a different world where I learned about a different way of being, a different language, and a different relationship to life.  I readjusted my senses to learn a different way of seeing, listening, tasting and experiencing.  Travelling gave me the ability to change and adapt to almost any situation and embrace it for whatever it was.

The personal journey and growth from travelling then gave me tremendous inner strength, inspiration and belief in myself and in the possibilities of life.   On each journey, I would be so immersed in that world that money was never on my mind.  The qualities of inner transformation always helped me find money time and again.  I never kept a budget.  I come home with but a few dollars in the bank account, and I’ve never worried.

As my travelling evolved from backpacking to learning ethnic music, to conducting anthropological fieldwork and writing ethnography, the universe provided in different ways.  I landed a teaching job in Peru which became a new passion in and of itself. I received fieldwork scholarships and grants. I volunteered in very remote places where I yearned to be, and I hiked and camped in the wilderness.  The point is, there is always a way.

I have found that the pursuit of passions inevitable leads to wealth.   This wealth is an abundance of joy, radiance, health and creativity, but of course, it also includes all the money that is needed to fulfil my dreams.  The growth of wealth in this bigger sense naturally creates a path of fulfilment.   The universe shapes life according to what the highest Self calls forth.

My wealth now comes from the rich experiences I have gifted to myself.  My job is a reflection of one of my passions.  In manifesting a desire,  what I focus on are my intentions and how they align with who I am and who I want to be and what I want to learn from the world.   The rest comes together in its own way.    Obstacles and financial hardship may often be part of our dreams trying to come into form.  Having the trust and believe that the universe allows me to do what I want to do is what guides me on my journey of flow and growth.

Of course, one may say that I am a privileged person in a privileged country and so I can afford to dream big.   Indeed, there are many people around the globe in a position so difficult that it would be arrogant of me to suggest this attitude.  However, most people who have asked me such a question are of the privileged-enough kind and can certainly afford to travel or do anything else that their heart truly desires, if they wanted to.

Travelling allows me to ask and answer the questions of who I am, what I am and why I am. These journeys allow me to develop the strongest and best version of myself to give back to the world.  Experiencing cultures around the world allows me to understand the human plight and the human heart with all its generosity, kindness, love and compassion that connects us.

Money has very little meaning outside of what we attribute it.  When we burden ourselves by attributing it with so much meaning, we become gripped by fear; the fear of losing it, the fear of the hardship that comes with it, the fear of sharing it, or the fear of missing it.  That fear then brings us to a lower vibration, to a lower sense of ourselves that brings resistance and distracts us from attracting wealth and abundance into our lives.

Deciding to travel for the love of it is an act of loving oneself.  It nourishes life beyond the realm of travelling and feeds back into the soul, and out into the world.  So trust in the unfolding of life, surrender to obstacles, go with the flow, devote yourself to what your heart calls forth and money will come to you naturally.






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